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Dear Editor:

Blessings, joy, peach and happiness to each and every one from our home to everyone.

I have been traveling the highway to the Veteran’s Hospital in Birmingham for treatment of
cancer for some four-and-a-half to five years. The last six to eight months my grandson and my
wonderful son-in-law have always come and carried me for my treatments. I am so blessed for
more than 90 years. I’ve traveled the road of life as a citizen and veteran of World War II in the
greatest nation on planet Earth, the great U.S.A., Alabama is the greatest.

This fall has been so beautiful. Along the highways, there are so many colors of the trees as they
are changing from green to the different colors and go dormant through the winter and return to
green in the spring time. It makes one stop and think how God created this beautiful land
everything in it. We are a blessed nation.

Recently, my washing machine acted up and different ones said that with the cost of repair, the
best is to buy another one.

The next day I traveled to the Fayette Sears store and three very nice men greeted me, I toured
their very nice facility and we all talked and shared stories. I had traded with the late Mr. Fowler, a
good friend. I casually asked the fine men if they would check my washer if I brought it to the

They gave me the name and number of Mr. Perry Kelley, a very nice man who fixes things. He
came to Winfield that evening and fixed my washer at a very reasonable cost. I learned Mr. Kelley
is retired U.S. Army and went to tech school and is a certified repairman. He’s only 88 years, so
active and kind. I owe a great thank you to the three men at Sears and a very good man, Mr.

I appreciate The Times-Record and the printing of the Fayette and local news. Recently, a very
nice photo and article of my good friend, Sam Collins, World War II veteran, was published in the
paper. Same and Ernie Howell, along with their wives, visited Lou and I. We love them.

Same and Ed Godfrey were both good Probate Judges, leading the county admirably.

Fayette now has a great Probate Judge, Mr. Oswalt, an excellent mayor, Mr. Nelson, a very good
sheriff, Mr. Ingle and recently added Mr. Jones to lead in the medical center.

So with all these good leaders and The Times-Record for a newspaper, it makes Fayette County a
great county to live in.

I go back many years with many friends and love the folks of Fayette County.

I am a life member of the Fayette V.F.W. and a 65 year veteran of the Post 100 American
Legion in Winfield.

I would like to urge every veteran to join the American Legion and all the overseas veterans to
join the V.F.W. These two organizations truly help veterans and their families.

I also urge people to subscribe to The Times-Record for the good local news. The Times-Record 
covers Fayette County.

It’s great to live in Alabama and as we travel the roads of life we’ll strive to make life better for
others daily and see if we cannot say or do something good to make life better and pleasant for

I know I have made mistakes and short comings in life, but I pray for forgiveness and I started
reading God’s Holy Bible the 26 year everyday, seven days per week.

I shall ring off for now. God bless everyone is our daily prayer.

Love in Christ,

Travis Ray Carter


* Editor’s Note: The Times-Record staff extends a special thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Carter for
the delicious treats they shared with us and thinking of us during this Christmas season and
throughout the year. Merry Christmas!

Dear Editor:

A big thank you to the Fayette Hospital. I recently spent  nine days in the Fayette hospital. While
a hospital stay is never pleasant, I was well cared for. In fact, I received excellent treatment.
Everyone from the hospital Dr. to all the nurses, to the support personnel were highly skilled and
all my needs were met. I do have a rare condition but they were able to care for me. Not only were
they skilled and very professional, they cared and were concerned about my well being.  They
helped me get well. I have been in other hospitals before, but I have never experienced the care
and concern to the degree that I did at Fayette. Once again thank you and God bless.

Jerry Dailey



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