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Dear Editor:

I wish to take this opportunity to thank the many people who came to my recent book signing at the Berry
Civic Center. I was overwhelmed by the wonderful turnout. I had a chance to greet some old friends and
meet some new ones. My book was truly a labor of love. It was written over several years and many people
encouraged me and helped me compile, edit and finally publish.

The book entitled Rising Above Mediocrity,  is an account of my life, but most of all it illustrates how, with
God’s help and direction, much can be realized and many worthwhile projects will follow.

I thank my wife, Phyllis, and good friends Mayor Jimmy and Lavonne Madison, Jim and Evelyn Durough,
I also thank Betty Madison, Sherry Grey, Marsha Locke and Marie McCluskey. These people helped ensure
a successful event. I thank Ms. Ettie Clark and personnel from the Berry television station who filmed the
event. Thanks to all who were involved.

I received several letters and comments from readers of my book. They ranged from most interesting book
ever read, to it gave me a new perspective on what one can accomplish. It’s never too late in life to being a
new direction and purpose in life.

I have copies of my book available for $10 each or it can be ordered by going to and
click on books.

My desire is that the book will be read by young and old alike, for each person can make a difference in
this life. There is not time in our existence when the need is greater for someone or all of us to step forward
and help restore our great nation to the status it once enjoyed.

Our nation was founded by our forefathers to be “One Nation Under God,” I hope this will return before
our time runs out. Let’s pull together to make our communities, our state, and our nation the country that
many of us so fondly remember.

Thanks again to everyone who had a part in helping with the successful kickoff of my new book. Thank
you all!

Roy Dobbs


Dear Editor:

Greetings and blessings to The Times-Record personnel and all the wonderful people of the Fayette area.

Spring has arrived. Trees, flowers and shrubs are bringing forth the beauty of life. This helps one to enjoy
God’s richest goodness.

My darling sweet wife, Mae Lou Carter, is a patient in Fayette Medical Center Long Term facility. The
excellent care is so great and I appreciate the tender care they provide for her.

I wanted to express to the good readers of The Times-Record how proud I am of the great facility that
Fayette has.

For a long time I have said Fayette was fortunate to have great people, friends and good leaders. Harold
and Woodrow Roberts, Guthrie Smith, Arnie Howell and other good friends have gone, yet many new
friends and leaders have come along.

The Winfield school has a Veteran’s Day program each year honoring the veterans. Last November the
Fayette Middle School principal was the speaker and without a doubt he brought the best American address
I’ve heard. It makes me glad Fayette schools have very good leaders.

I am a life time member of the Fayette V.F.W., Winfield is my home, but I love and care about our
neighboring towns and communities.

For a long time we’ve moved and traveled all over West Alabama. My wife has used Bobbie’s Beauty
Shop and Nancy is so special to Lou.

I just wished to express my thanks and appreciation for the kindness shown to Lou and I though the years.
The Times-Record is to Fayette, what the Journal Record is to Marion County, it’s great.

I shall sign off for now and I wish the best for everyone.

Travis Ray Carter


Dear Editor:

Wow, this is difficult to believe and brings back memories of Governor Wallace and his plea on his last
day in office. As he sat in his limo, he asked his driver to stop in front of the statehouse to reflect on his
work. As he stared at the building, he got emotional and said, dear God, don't let the rich and powerful take
over the state of Alabama.

But look what has happened. A rich dermatologist has been elected to the top state office.

I just heard Governor Bentley give his version of the yearly state address and was amazed at some
inaccuracies. He said we have had an increase in jobs and have a very low unemployment rate. The truth is
we are 49th in job creation since he took over. He is against a lottery and an increase in cigarette taxes. Why?
Because he has said the state has plenty of money. But little money for hiring teachers, giving pay raises or
stopping the sexual assaults at Tutwiler. Not until this became more publicized is it being adequately
addressed. It has gone on for years.

Also, he was elected in 2010, the same year the one billion dollar bond issue, by constitutional amendment,
to build roads and bridges was voted down by a vote of the people. So, he goes around the legislature and
floats a one billion dollar bond issue for the same purpose which is to be paid back by future federal funds
earmarked for the same purpose.

But remember, we have plenty of money. So much that he has denied Medicaid expansion. One reason for
this, he said, was because the Federal Government has too much debt. As if this act will affect the debt. But
he will accept federal funds to pay back the bond issue and many other programs. If we do have plenty of
money, let us not accept these funds and close all Alabama national guard units, all Army Reserve units in
the state, eliminate food stamps, housing, DOT and subsidies to farmers as well as all other federal dollars to
our state. While at this, eliminate the alcohol beverage control board and the sell of alcohol. That would send
Mr. Thigpen back to Greenville for an early retirement.

We don't need more federal dollars for medicaid and the billions it brings in and the job creation with it.
No, we have plenty of money. Who voted him in anyway? Is it the same types who condemned all Jews to
that other place because they don't view religion exactly like you do?  I know you back peddled on that one
but the damage was done. No wonder people outside of the South laugh at us.

My final thought is this: If an angel came to my door and told me I had one minute of time left, this would
be my prayer: Dear GOD, Creator of the universe and all living beings everywhere, hear my plea here and
now, that if I am to reincarnate on Earth again, as I expect, please consider my birth to be anywhere but
Alabama. I have done my time with these crazies. Amen.

Andy Shelton


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