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 Dear Editor:

April is National Community College Month. During the month, everyone should take time to
recognize the important role community colleges play in our communities, our state, and across the

Nationally, and across Alabama, community colleges play a vital role in helping individuals reach
their educational and professional goals. More than anything, community colleges provide students
with options. Whether a student chooses to pursue a path in career technical education to prepare for
a more rewarding work experience, or if he or she takes advantage of lower tuition and more
accessibility through academic transfer programs, a community college student knows that there are
opportunities for them to reach their individual objectives.

Locally, Bevill State Community College employees understand the unique needs of a community
college student. That is why the offerings and services at the college reflect the current economical
and educational choices desired today. Bevill State is strategically located across west-central
Alabama to provide services to residents in Fayette, Lamar, Marion, Pickens, Walker and parts of
Winston and Jefferson counties in order to expand those opportunities to all who want and need

In our service area, it would be hard to find someone who has not been positively affected by
Bevill State, even if they are unaware of it. The economic impact the college has in the communities
it serves can be found in the training for business and industry it conducts, the assistance in
workforce development it provides and the revenue it brings to local economies through its students
and employees.

Bevill State Community College continues to serve our students, partners, and communities on
many levels. The college provides innovative programs, vital training, easy accessibility, and
affordable education. The reasons to celebrate Bevill State during the Community College Month
are many. I hope you will join with Bevill State, the Alabama Community College System, and the
nation as we recognize all these positive impacts during the month.

Max Weaver

Fayette Campus Dean

Dear Editor:

The Fayette County Relay for Life would like to thank the Fayette County High School  
“Girlfriends of 65” for the generous donation of $2,814 for the American Cancer Society. These
ladies worked diligently creating and selling their “Pride of the Tiger” cookbooks over the past year.
All of their hard work is greatly appreciated.

Misty Kimbrell

Belinda Watts

Co-chairmen for the Fayette County Relay for Life

To the Editor:

I wish to share a touching moment with all the readers. Besides watching American Idol and
supporting Dexter, Friday night I was tuned into the TV channel for Country Family Reunion
Program with Bill Anderson. There is a special running entitled “God Bless America Again.”

I learned there is more to television than news, soaps, westerns, mysteries and commercials.
During this program, Bill Anderson told a story of a newspaper article he read years ago and got a
gentleman from Alabama to help write a song about the article. The story he told about his song,
“Old Army Hat,” really touched my heart.

I would like to share this moment! It seems a 90-year-old World War II veteran was told about the
World War II Monument, and his son flew with him to Washington, DC to see this monument.
When he came home from the war, he placed all his equipment in a cedar chest except his hat. He
wore this hat to DC, and when he got out of the taxi cab at their hotel, the people saluted him and
thanked him for his service.

When this hero got to the Washington Mall and came upon the World War II Monument, there
were two soldiers and a small boy present. One of the soldiers thanked him for his service, and the
other soldier stated: “Amen.” The little boy came up to him and shook his hand and told him of his
father’s service to our country and told the gentleman that his father did not make it home. He asked
the gentleman if he would stand beside him and let him get a picture of him by the monument and
would he please let him wear his “hat.” This was so touching for the hero let the little boy wear the
“hat,” and he gave him the “hat” because every little boy with his courage should have a “hat.”

This song “Old Army Hat” by Bill Anderson tells this story and was so very touching to my heart.
My heart goes out to all our servicemen and women and their families for I personally know what
they endure serving our Nation’s Finest.

We live in the finest Nation because of God and these heroes that serve and have carried our “Old
Glory” to many, many countries. Thank you for allowing me to share this heart stricken moment
with each of you.

Shelia Winsett


Dear  Editor:


Lawrence Mill Vol. Fire Dept. would like to thank all the ladies who bake goods for our
fundraiser. You always come through for us.

We also want to thank everyone who supports our fundraisers and makes donations. Without you
all our Fire Dept could not be productive.

Firefighters and Members

Lawrence Mill Vol. Fire Dept.

Bevill State

Relay for
Life says

A heart

Mill says