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Dear Editor:

I’ve noticed in our community we are quick to point out when something is wrong.
However after it has been fixed, we let it go away and we never take the time to say thank
you, or point out what a good job someone or a group of people are doing.  That’s exactly
what I’d like to do today. Our son George Odell has just entered his first year at Fayette
Middle School. It’s a beautiful old building with a long history. A history we as a
community should all be proud to have representing us. When a building is that old, it
takes work and lots of love, and of course money to maintain it. What goes in and what
comes out of it, is a direct product of us, the citizens and taxpayers of Fayette county. It’s
our money invested, and our children who are being educated. Today when I walked into
the building, I noticed how clean it was, the fresh smell, and you could feel the energy
coming from within. I looked at the trim around the door, and I could tell by looking at it,
it had a history. I could also tell someone still cared about that piece of trim today. They
took the time to clean it, and care for it, as they did the rest of the building. In these times
we live in today money for our school systems is becoming harder and harder to find. As
parents regardless of the changing times this building still represents who we are as a
community. Our children still have to be educated.  It’s up to us to help keep this all in
order. Sure we have a superintendent, we have a principal, and we have teachers.  It’s their
problem right? That’s the impression we give as parents when all we do is drop our
children off and drive away. If that’s all we are going to do, we shouldn’t expect much to
come out of that building. However it’s up to us to not only inspire our children, but the
staff as well, and to encourage everyone. To find ways that we can help to make their jobs
easier so they can focus on what’s most important to us, our children. School is an
investment. As with any investment your only going to get out of it what you put into it.
Look to find the ways that you can help to make your school the best it can be. Say a kind
word to the staff members, let them know you appreciate them, and ask them with
sincerity “is there anything our family can do to help you?” Maybe their isn’t, but it sure
feels nice to know someone cares about you enough to ask. It’s time as parents we look at
school differently. It’s not just a tax funded building to drop our children off at for the day.
It’s our building, it's our investment. Let’s all work together to make it the best ever.

I also want to say thank you to Mr Hannah and his staff for all their work they have put
into Fayette Middle School. It looks great, and I couldn’t be prouder to have our son there.
I also want to thank Mr. Shipman, Vic Herren and Mary Gravlee who work so hard to help
keep us moving forward.



Jessie Odell


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