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The American Idol tour comes to Birmingham this weekend and after watching
throughout the season, I decided to buy tickets when they first went on sale a couple
months ago. Obviously I was interested in seeing Alabama’s own Dexter Roberts, CJ
Harris and Jessica Meuse among others.

With the recent news that Dexter would no longer be touring, I’m sure many were
disappointed. I wish he were there so I could see him perform too. With that said,
unforeseen circumstances will prevent him from finishing the tour and if I had to bet, he’s
probably more disappointed than anyone else.

If you look around various forms of media including Facebook, you don’t have to look
far to see that Dexter has taken some heat because he’s no longer on tour. While much of
the criticism has come with little to no facts to back it up, that’s part of the celebrity world
and being a public figure. When you’re at the top, everyone’s patting you on the back and
cheering you on. When you hit a bump in the road, whether your fault or not, some of the
same people cheering you on are the ones that are fueling the flames of negativity.

Speculation runs wild and that’s just kind of the way the cookie crumbles.

I imagine in due time all the facts will come out surrounding the departure of Dexter
from the American Idol tour. At the same time, if Dexter wants to make music for a living
and have a long-term career from it, then the American Idol tour isn’t the end all, be all
and being healthy is a top priority.

Fayette’s American Idol can attest to the fact that a lot can change in a year. This time
last year, American Idol wasn’t even on his radar. Now after finishing seventh in the
contest, many know his name and recognize his face. I suspect a year from now this bump
in the road will be forgotten and Dexter will be pursuing a singing career if that’s what he

Getting back to the American Idol concert this weekend and aside from the Alabama
contestants, I would say I’m most interested in seeing Jena Irene.

She gave the eventual winner Caleb Johnson a run for his money before finishing
runner-up. Her style is interesting and from what I remember she’s pretty versatile when it
comes to singing.

As time goes on, it will be interesting to see if there are any superstars that emerge from
this group. Only time will tell. See you in Birmingham, American Idol peeps.

Idol tour
this week