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Last Updated Wednesday, August 26, 2015
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Dear Editor:
Sunday, Aug. 9, 2015, crept up on me like a fox in the night: jarring and handsome. In the days leading up to my father’s retirement reception I was inclined to meditate on all the work he did, lives he touched, and enemies he possibly made. However, when I sat in the courtroom on that Sunday letting the stories and kind words of his life-long co-workers and friends wash over me, I was struck, not by the work he did, but by the love and service he gave.
My reflections of his work led me to realize that I am most proud of the path of goodness he chose. He stayed true to the man he is with every decision. In a culture that can produce scandal after scandal concerning elected officials, my Dad stayed focused for 20+ years on the essential need for a unwavering leader. How he came home every day and performed the duties of a father, simultaneously forming a lifelong friendship with each of his children and wife, it’s still an amazement to me!
The greatest part about my father is that he has the foresight and wisdom to use humor as his release and relief. He can laugh and love as easily as any. As a child I remember learning to prompt my dad with “Tell me a funny story that happened today” as my way to greet him after work. No matter what had happened, he could always conjure up a witty response or tale to make me smile.
The martyrdom of day after day existence in the underbelly of our society is one that I never quite felt the seriousness of until I saw my dear, sweet father sitting in front of all his colleagues, friends and family in the courtroom where he was sworn in years ago: the weight of the world lifting from his shoulders. With each decision he had to make about the lives of people in our community, a part of him was undeniably altered. On Sunday, Aug. 9 I experienced the most spectacular swell of pride I ever have for another human-- besides my mother, of course. To fight for those who have no one fighting for them is the true calling of a servant. It’s more than sacrifice, it’s a way of life that you are forever destined to lead. I believe my father chose that a long time ago, and he will continue to all the days of his life. Love the weary and offer hope to those who no longer know the word. May we all live in service, honoring those who have served us.

Whitney Moore
Daughter of Judge James Moore
Most spectacular swell of pride
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