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Dear Editor:
I would like to express my opinion about a jail for Fayette County. I don’t believe most of the people of this county want a fiberglass jail or want it located away from the courthouse. The existing jail is 3,000 square feet. Why not build a new wing on the north end of the existing jail, running east and west, the same size of the old jail, pave the area next to the parking lot, move the sheriff’s property to the county shop where it will be under lock and key and have more parking spaces for the courthouse?
Move the prisoners into the new part, pressure wash and paint the old jail. Now we have doubled the size of our jail and saved money. Remember a large number of houses in this county are older than the existing jail (50 years old - 1965).
I believe we have a good commission and they try to do what is good for this county. This is just my opinion.

Sam Henderson
District 5 - Fayette

Dear Editor:
We would like to thank all the people for their continued support of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5406 in Fayette. We have only one fund raising drive for our post each year. This year was a success and will allow us to continue our programs that promote patriotism and school programs that encourage good citizenship.
The members of Post 5406 salute all those individuals who continue to support our country and our post. Thank you for your generous donations and patriotic actions.

Jerry A. Fulmer
VFW Post 5406
It’s just my opinion
VFW thankful for support