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Dear Editor:

Privacy is something we all want whether we are young, old, rich or poor. That is why we put an alarm system on our homes and buy software to put on our computer for privacy. That is why President Obama put into place the Personal Data Notification and Protection Act to protect our personal information.
I’m writing this letter to inform the citizens of Fayette County and surrounding counties about Fayette County Head Start program. Did you know that when you submit an application for your child to be accepted into the program the center manager has the right to access your personal information whether you have a child enrolled or not? Did you know that after your child leaves the program the center manger has the right to go into their system and access your personal information like birth dates, social security numbers of you and your child? Did you know they can still access your information three or five years after they leave the system even though you don’t have a child in the program?
My information was accessed and an application was submitted in my name to enroll my son into the program without my written or verbal consent. They accessed all my information from social security numbers, addresses, telephone numbers and work information even though I haven’t had a child there in three years. I was informed by the director of Head Start after I brought it to their attention, “that a data entry error was made by their staff showing application complete instead of incomplete.” I was also told that because the application was submitted without my consent it was inappropriate use of my personal information.
That is why elected officials like the Attorney General are in place to protect our personal information and for us to do this as well. I wanted the citizens of Fayette County and surrounding counties to know that your information is not as protected as you may think.

Patricia King
Personal information