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To the Editor:


I recently had some medical issues for which my doctor said that an MRI and other tests were
indicated.  I said, “Doctor, that’s a problem, as I no longer drive outside of Fayette.”  

I was relieved when he said that the tests I needed could all be done right here at Fayette Medical
Center.  The entire experience was upbeat. Donna in patient registration was very nice, and I was
relieved to find the MRI would be done by my friend John Files. When you’re anxious about your
health, there is no substitute for having “home folks” seeing to your care.  Tamika and Tanya in
ultrasound were, to remain alliterative, terrific.

What if we had not had this fine facility in Fayette? Instead of being a positive and reassuring
experience, the situation could have proved unpleasant and inconvenient.

We MUST protect the future financial viability of our hospital. And we need to think outside the
box for sources of funding. The hospital board was pleased with the initial infusion of capital, but
they are going to need more, not less, and some of those contributions were one-time-only. Let’s not
let the hospital get moved to the back burner, especially since we have a first-rate administrator,
Donald Jones, in charge. We need to seize the day. If this happened to me, it could happen to you.

Bobby Avant    


Dear Editor:

No one ever thinks when they leave in the morning that you will have nothing by dark. It is a very
humbling experience.

I am so grateful to be one of God’s children. He has poured out such love to us from so many of
you. Too many to even name. As we go through this trial of faith in our lives, please keep us in your
prayers. We have even met strangers who have helped in one way or another. I know this is all
God’s work and He will bring us through.

Please help support your local volunteer fire departments. Walnut Lane is having a soup fund
raiser Super Bowl weekend. Volunteers are people who put other people’s needs before their own
and they need our appreciation!

Thanks to the Walnut Lane and Stonewall VFD.

Thanks for all the blessings,

Keith, Amy, Josh and Emily Kizzire


Dear Editor:

Now that we have all our Christmas lights and displays down and put up for the next year, I want
to thank everyone who helped make 2014 a successful year. We had around 75,000 people drive
through the park. There were six countries, 26 states and 20 church vans and buses represented.

We want to take this time to thank some special people. Without the Mayor, Black’s Wrecker
Service, Rodney Ingle for letting the lady inmates help us, the V.F.W. men who worked 10 nights to
collect money, Ronnie Black and Marty Weeks who helped us put up and take down the big scenes
and the Fayette Garden Club who helped put up and take down at the park, plus take up the
donations many nights, this year would not have been possible.

We could not ask for better people than the citizens of Fayette who volunteer. It takes our whole
town working together to make “Christmas at the Park” a success. Thank you so much.

John and Doris Brasher


Dear Editor:

At times, as though generations before, we have come ot the end of our rope so to speak. And all
things will not come to harmony until we all realize it is God in charge, not man. And harmony can
only be gotten when and if by God’s will for all mankind. So therefore we shall be together as one
in harmony, in God’s time, not ours. Simplify, adhere, forgive, give, accept, obey, do unto others as
you would have them do unto you. Love one another, spread it around, love not hate.

Donald E. Craft


It could
to you


It takes a


not hate