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Dear Editor:

Once again the March for Jesus was amazing. With rain lightly falling, marchers were
ready by 8 a.m. for the march. Hundreds still attended the march with praise on their

I counted well over 300 that registered, but I know it was at least 400 there because
you always miss some at registration. One of the most amazing things happened at the
march this year that we have never had to do. Due to rain falling we knew that the
balloons would not fly if they got wet, so instead of walking with the balloons all the
way to the church parking lot, we released the balloons at the Depot after asking God to
bless whoever found them. Some of the balloons were still tangled up so several went up
together instead of one at a time. I didn’t know it at the time, but it was in God’s plan to
do it that way, but I found out later Saturday night after the march why He wanted us to
release balloons at the depot.

We released 400, but there were as many as eight to 10 still tangled together, which
was the way God wanted it done this year because I received three calls that night from
three men from Pierce Mill area. Their names were Bobby Taylor, Lee Walker and Gary
Walker. They stated that they were going to clean off a cemetery when they saw some
balloons hung in a tree. They were so amazed at the sight they cut down the tree to see
what this could be. It was several balloons with scriptures tied to them. Lee Walker
stated that everyone began reading the scriptures and was blessed by all the scriptures.
He saw my number on them and called me and said that he had lived a rough life and had
some skeletons in his closet and he felt like it was time to get back right with God.

He truly believed that through those balloons God was speaking to him. Bobby Taylor
called and thanked us for releasing those balloons and had prayer with my wife and I
over the phone. Our God is so awesome. I have seen how hundreds of people in this and
the surrounding counties feel about the March for Jesus, some might feel its a waste of
time, but if you talk to Bobby Taylor, Lee Walker and Gary Walker, they will tell you
that its worth every balloon released, every prayer that is prayed and every song that is
sung when it change lives.

I hope that whoever is reading this article, if you have not been a part of the March,
make plans on the third Saturday in May 2016 to come and celebrate Jesus. There is no
big I’s and little you’s at the march, everyone is welcome.

A special thanks goes out to all that made this year possible, first to God the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit. Thanks to the local pastors, Fayette First Baptist Church, Southside
Baptist choir, Mayor Ray Nelson, Judge William Oswalt, both Shop and Save grocery
stores, Chevron, Tiger Mart, Walmart, WLDX, McDonald’s, Jack’s, B & E Sales, Mr.
and Mrs. John Brasher, Sheriff, Police and Fire Departments, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brasher,
Tisket & Tasket, Fayette Gas Board and
The Times-Record.

Milborn Savage


Dear Editor:

On behalf of the Fayette County Cattleman’s Association, I would like to extend a big
thank you to Fayette County and the surrounding area rodeo fans. With your help we had
another very successful rodeo weekend.

I encourage you to shop with and thank the sponsors of the rodeo, for without their
help it would not be possible.

I would like to extend our appreciation to Luke Lummus of Lummus Rodeo
Productions for the excellent performance they provided.

Most of the profit that is derived from the rodeo is invested in the students of Fayette
County in the form of scholarships. Brandon Smith of Hubbertville School has
completed his first year at Bevill State Community College and we are able to renew his
scholarship. Nolan Trice of Fayette and Austin Palmer of Hubbertville have been
awarded Cattleman’s Scholarships to Bevill for the coming year.

We also supported Fayette County FFA and 4-H programs. We have cooked
hamburgers for Fayette Elementary School playground equipment and cooked
hamburgers May 23 for Children’s Miracle Network.

Randy Slay, President

Fayette Cattleman’s Association

Dear Editor:

Thank you for your excellent coverage (May 20) of the Fayette City Council’s
concerns regarding the DCH Fayette Medical Center. Because we are moving toward
holding another community-wide public forum on the hospital’s needs, I wanted to
reiterate a few points that we need to keep in mind concerning this indispensable

First of all, the hospital is not about to close. But the hospital administration, city
officials and numerous civic leaders are in agreement that with rural hospitals threatened
with closing or curtailing services, the city must get ahead of the curve and be proactive
in ensuring the long-term financial viability of the FMC. Hospital officials have
identified the City of Fayette and Fayette County as the two principal stakeholders in the
provision of hospital care to our citizens. The city is currently exploring the possibility of
a half-cent sales tax increase (subject to periodic review) with all proceeds earmarked for
the Hospital.  This would generate around $450,000, which would be half of the
Hospital’s goal of receiving one million dollars annually from combined city and county

Keep in mind that the need to shore up the hospital’s finances is no one’s “fault.” We
are in this situation due to complex reasons which touch on Medicare/Medicaid
reimbursements, an increase in people using the ER as their primary care physician, and
many more. This is a national problem, not a uniquely Fayette problem. But the solution
to the problem does lie solely in the hands of Fayette Countians. Keep in mind that DCH
does not own the Fayette Hospital. The FMC is owned by the people of Fayette but
managed by DCH.  

Lastly, remember that the FMC's humanitarian value is only a part of the picture.
Fayette is making strides in economic development and industrial recruitment (e.g.
ALDOT’s recent choice of Fayette as a headquarters for a 14-county region). To be
blunt, the loss of our hospital would set us back immeasurably.  

The date for the community forum will be announced soon. It would be great if we
could fill the Civic Center as we did with our last meeting on the Hospital. Let’s join
hands to ensure that Fayette County will continue to enjoy the services of our highly-
rated hospital for years to come.

Robert Avant


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